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Which training program is right for you?
In what direction do you want to go?

Get a pencil and some paper and take our Fog Cutter Quiz.
It will help point your feet in the right direction!

Ready?  Here we go .....

1.  I would like to teach English as a Second Language:
A.  in a college or university setting
B.  to newcomers and visitors to the United States or while living abroad
C.  to make money while traveling outside the United States
D.  in public schools
2.  My goals in the field of English as a Second Language are:
A.  to work in a university
B.  to teach ESL to language learners in the United States
C.  to get a job if I need money while traveling
D.  to teach ESOL to children in a public school in the USA
E.  to live and teach in another country
F.  to publish research in the field
G.  to become an expert in linguistics, language acquisition, etc.
H.  to be a manager where I support ESOL teachers or volunteers
I.   to learn more about the ESL class I am already teaching
J.  to start an ESL program or service in my community
K.  to make my class more interesting and valuable to my students
L.  to see if this field is for me before enrolling in a graduate program
3.  How much money are you willing to invest in your new career or skills upgrade?
A.  $20,000 - $50,000
B.  $1,000 - $5,000
C.  $500 - $2,000
D.  $1,500 - $10,000
4.  How much time are you willing to invest in your new career or skills upgrade?
A.  One to three years
B.  One intensive semester
C.  Two to five days
D.  Two to four semesters

That's it!  Now, count how many times you marked each letter and get ready to score.

If  A  was your most frequent response and an F or G showed up in your answers ..... you're an academic!  You probably should head for the ivory towers --- a graduate degree or PH.D. after your name is usually required to secure a teaching or administrative post at the college or post-graduate level.  If your goals include publishing, research, writing books, or exploring the depths of linguistics --- then a graduate program is probably the right choice for you.  Be sure the program you select includes a practicum or student teaching semester.  Believe it or not, some people graduate with university degrees in teaching without ever once setting foot in a classroom.

If  B  was your most frequent response, seasoned with an H, I, J, K, or L ....  a one semester certification program is just right for you.  You want a serious program ... you want interactive education  ... and you want to make a practical investment to get it.  There are a variety of 1-6 month programs available in the United States, Canada, and around the globe.  Look for one that includes practical experience. You should spend no less than a minimum 20 hours observing and teaching in a real ESOL classroom.

If  was your most frequent response, sprinkled with an E ......you love adventure, don't you?  If your main goal is to see the world, and a TEFL certificate seems like a good paper to pull out of your bag of tricks, there are programs just for you.  Some classes are conducted over just one weekend.  But buyer beware!  When you expect little, you expect to give little in return. That includes those schools that may be employing you. In the ESL arena, there are loads of horror stories about "schools" that accept teachers with little or no training.  Good thing you love adventure!

If  D  was your most frequent response, you want to work with children.  Run to your local school district office, or log on to its web site. You will find the kind of information you need to lead you toward a kindergarten through high school public school ESOL classroom.

Now, for all you B, H, I, J, K and L's ....
are you ready to earn your TESOL certificate at the
ENGLISH for Life TESOL Training and Language Academy?


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