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Do you dream of colorful markets, new languages, and all that goes along with traveling the world?


Yep, we do, too.


In fact this is one of our very favorite things to get excited about. So much, that we created a whole section of resources just for you.


Begin here with touching, inspiring, and hilarious stories –plus a few important tips you don’t want to miss–on life in the world.
Lessons from a Few Years Spend in the World

Travel. Constant movement… and constant waiting. Read this for insight into how travel can affect your teaching…and your life.


Are You Sure About This?

10 questions to help you decide if teaching overseas is right for you.


Why teach English?

To add a professional certification to a resume. To better my teaching skills. To travel. Etc. Etc. Etc.
For me, however, the answer was a bit different


Over the Hills, and Far Away

Where’s the grocery store?
How do I flush this toilet?
What’s the word for restroom?
Why does this fish on my plate still have eyes?
Explore how teaching English is so much more than teaching English.


Graduate Experiences…

To be honest, I didn’t know any better. We were new in town.
Read more about the awkward, difficult, disorienting, and memorable experiences of a new English teacher abroad. You’ll laugh, I promise.


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