Teach a Language, Learn a Language

Classroom ideas for successful teachers

Have you drawn a total blank on what you’re going to plan for your next class…that starts in 10 minutes?!?


Exhausted your creative ideas on how to get your students practicing the same concept in another way?


Or maybe you’re a language learner, and you’ve just hit that wall of “I think I’m actually worse at Spanish-Japanese-Italian-Urdu than I was when I started this class!”


We know, learning a new language isn’t the easiest thing in the world. And neither is teaching one. But never fear, it’s not impossible, and it’s even fun. We promise.

Explore our free resources below—awesome done-for-you lesson plans, creative ideas, and no-prep activities for your class—to get you back in action right away.
Four-letter words? In class? Of course!

Check out this game to get your students thinking about vocabulary and spelling. And bonus: no materials needed!


Dear Ms. President…
Get your Students Writing with a Purpose

Need some ideas to get your students writing for real? Put this free resource to use to incorporate current events, geography, sociology, politics, and more, into your authentic writing lesson.


Get Grinchy in the Classroom:
Holiday Activities for All Ages

Having trouble figuring out how to talk about Christmas in your multicultural, multifaith classroom? Make a plan –a fun one– starting here.


Hi, I’m Captain Superfish!
Writing Prompts for Creative Minds

Five fabulous writing prompts you and your class will love.


Awkward. Uncomfortable. Unnatural.

Our task is a catch-22: verbally communicate to our students a new means of verbally communicating without first having a commonly understood means of verbal communication. Get some ideas on how, here.


What They’re Not Telling You

Ever wonder what your students would tell you…if they could? Read this and discover 10 hidden challenges you may have, and 10 ways to fix them.


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