Blended/Online TESOL Certificate Course

Our 130-hour TESOL Certificate course in its most convenient format.

The same great course, the same 30-hour practicum, the same 6 graduate credits through the College of Charleston. Then add:

check Less drive time
check More self-directed study
check Classes from the convenience of home
check Laser-focused in-class sessions

And you have our 130-hour blended/online learning format.




Check our course location pages to see the schedules for all upcoming blended/online courses.

Now you’re thinking…

“Well this looks a lot easier than going to class everyday.”

Yes, the blended/online course is perfect for some people! If this sounds like you, it might be a perfect match:

check Disciplined about making and keeping your own study schedule

check Don’t get overwhelmed by having access to lots of information at once

check Can reach out for help by text, email, or phone if you need it

check Aren’t terrified by technology

check Enjoy the freedom of working on your own schedule (and in your pj’s)

check Are willing to try something new

check Are willing to communicate by phone, email, and video conferencing (like Skype)

check Understand that this is a college level course and expect to spend time with new ideas and assignments


If you’re new to the world of online learning and are just feeling a little nervous, don’t worry, we’re behind you every step of the way. We’ve make the course easy to use, we’re using the simplest, most accessible technology we can get our hands on, and you’re not in this alone.

But beware, it’s not for everyone.

If this list describes you, it’s better to consider our face to face course or a different program:

x Not self-directed or not willing to make the time in your schedule to complete the online modules
x Don’t like to ask for clarification, and can’t imagine having to do that by phone or email
x Prefer to complete assignments in class, and not have to work on them at home
x Don’t have a fast, reliable internet connection
x Want to take this version of the course because it looks easier (it’s not)
x Hate technology or are convinced that you’re cursed by the tech gods

If that sounds like you, come join us for our face-to-face course instead.

Are you ready to get started on your next adventure?