Are You Sure About This?

At English For Life Academy, we prepare teachers to go boldly into their classrooms and impart their years and years of grammatical wisdom and expertise. BUT…the classroom is only half of the equation. Teaching English in a foreign country necessarily means living in that same foreign country. Are you prepared, both mentally and emotionally, for such an upheaval of your life? Traveling abroad to teach is indeed a life-changing experience…for better or for worse.

If you are considering heading out into the world to teach English, ask yourself these 10 questions first. And don’t forget: Be honest with yourself!

1. Am I a people person?

2. Am I easily annoyed and irritated?

3. Am I open to foreign foods?

4. Am I generally open to new experiences?

5. Am I teachable? 

6. Does it bother me when people speak different languages and I don’t understand?

7. Am I content to be the most knowledgeable English speaker at my job but not be the boss?

8. Am I willing to be micro-managed on occasion, if not every day?

9. Am I independent enough to start life over on my own, making new friends, new routines, and in a new place?

10. Am I more concerned with having a significant life experience, or making money?

And here’s a bonus question…

11. Does the thought of leaving absolutely everything familiar behind (family, friends, home, foods, beds, toilets, etc.) excite me?


If these questions have you thinking, check out my very short, very FREE ebook, Are You Sure About This?

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