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Although Emily Pressley didn’t study education as an undergrad, after college she spent a year teaching kindergarten at an English immersion school in Mexico.  There she “fell in love with teaching and with ESL.”  When she returned to the States she worked in a few nonprofits with international clients and heard from colleagues about English for Life’s program. At the end of her contracted position, she decided to take the TESOL weekend intensive course.  Here’s what she has to say:

Still teaching? 

Yes, I have a handful of adult Business English students here in Greenville that I tutor throughout the week, in addition to my full time job at a medical office.   For long term opportunities, I want a job that allows me freedom and time to travel.  Teaching ESL is perfect for that!

How does teaching make you feel? 

In a word, fulfilled. When a lesson goes really well, and students are making noticeable progress, of course you feel great satisfaction. Beyond that, though, there’s a wonderfully humbling sense of walking with someone along their journey. Language is a powerful thing and I love the idea of helping students gain the tools they need to interact effectively in a new language. The lessons students learn in an ESL classroom extend into countless areas of their everyday lives. So even though it may sound cheesy, I honestly believe that by being a successful teacher, you’re empowering your students to live successful lives.

Do you have any words of advice for TESOL graduates or other teachers? 

If you’re a recent TESOL grad who hasn’t started a teaching job yet, I would encourage you to volunteer through a local school or adult literacy program. It’s a great way to get some extra practice, learn from other teachers, and add experience to your resume while you’re waiting for the right paid position to begin.

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