Quiz: today you get to answer my questions about Paraguay.

It’s time for a quiz!

For some of you who have lived and traveled to places outside of the USA, these may not be the most exciting questions. But if you haven’t, you might be stumped on some of there. Or maybe these are uniquely Paraguay and everyone will be challenged like I was. All are things listed here I’ve had to learn or remember since being here.

So. I have 7 questions. I have the answer key. So take your best guess! Pick a questions to answer, and in the comments give me your best answer.

photogenic doorway
  1. Why the random honking? I’m walking down a mostly empty street. A car goes by and honks. I look around. There aren’t other cars, so he’s not honking because of an emergency. He doesn’t appear to be angry. And he’s not looking at me, so I don’t think it was aimed in my direction. So why the honking?

2) How is it possible that no one knows their address? It’s one of the first things I learned in kindergarten. I’ve had to say it and write it on forms at least a million times in my life. How it possible that when I asked around about how to write my address I talked with about 5 different people, and none of them seemed certain. The last one I asked had to consult The Google. My colleagues have Masters degrees, so I’m pretty sure they should have passed this lesson already. I use Google maps and Uber all day long, so there is a system. What am I missing?

All the houses I can see from my window. Do they know their addresses?

3) OK, time for a word problem: I have a bill to pay. It clearly tells me the amount I owe. It tells me when it’s due. But. How do I pay said bill? There’s no return address, no envelope, no instructions on how to actually PAY the bill. Do I stand at my door and yell “Come take my money?” Does the bill fairy come to collect? Is there some secret dropbox I put it in?

Oh, how did I receive the bill, you ask? It was slipped under my apartment door like I’m checking out of a hotel. Of course it was.

4) Speaking of bills, I’ve had cellphone/internet/cable for at least 4 weeks now. On a signature. At some point they will want my money, right? How will the bill be delivered?

5) Lunch here is around 12 or 1ish. It’s usually the bigger meal of the day. Dinner happens around 10. In fact, most restaurants don’t even open until 7 or 8. What’s the secret to not collapsing from hunger in the 8-10 hours between lunch and dinner?

6) I don’t have a car here, and I need to get somewhere. I use Uber a lot, but sometimes I just want to take the bus. It costs between $.30-$.60. And it’s an adventure. I like the idea of public transportation in general, and I want to support it. So how to I know what bus stops where, how to get on, and where to get off?

I might start a phone journal of pics from the first seat on the bus.

And for your final question….

7) Why are the stoplights positioned exactly so that pedestrians trying to cross the street cannot see then?

OK, folks, get to it! Pick your favorite question, and give me your best guess. I can’t wait to hear your answers…and in the next post I’ll tell you what I’ve discovered.

Panteon National de los Heroes, looking lovely at night
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