Yeah, I teach English…and I think I’ll just make a movie in my spare time…

Blast from the Past:  Catching up with Mike Reser

Since we last worked with Mike in 2008, he’s been busy in the world of ESL…and in the film making world!  Mike is now the ESL facilitator for Charleston County Adult Education, which means he works fulltime, both teaching and administrating ESL in Charleston County.

Mike has also been busy with his documentary film, The Georgia Guidestones Movie, which has not only been screened in several cities, it also won Best Regional Documentary at the Charleston Film Festival.  Go Mike!  We’re excited for you and can’t wait to see the movie.

Check out Mike’s original interview from 2009:

“Teaching plays chords inside me that had previously never been played! It makes me feel quite fulfilled,” says Mike Reser. “Besides, it is challenging at times and I enjoy a good challenge.  That makes the rewards even better.”

Please describe a memorable experience. 

My ESL students are concerned about my personal relationships since I am single in my early thirties with no children.  During a recent evening class I glanced at a note written by one of my female students, ‘doll inflatable.’  My puzzled look signaled to her that I’d noticed her writing and she asked if that was correct.  I explained that it should have been ‘inflatable doll.’  Her friends laughed that their plan was to give me a wonderful gift on Teacher’s Day.  It was hilarious and a bit embarrassing.  On Teacher’s Day a few weeks later, I had a big…..cake brought in by my students.  Alas, no inflatable doll!

How has teaching changed you?  Citing the ongoing challenges of teaching, Mike says he learns about contentment, selflessness and hard work from his students.  Mike enjoys “a career that makes a direct and positive impact in people’s lives, much better than busting it for The Man.”

What are your teaching goals?  

When I look back on my life, I see two or three teachers who stand out as people who helped change my life for the better.  That is what I hope to accomplish. Since I only recently began teaching, I constantly strive to improve.  It’s important to have better mastery of the subject matter and try to plan lessons creatively.

Anything else you’d like us to know?  

When I’m not teaching I do local video work and am now making a full length documentary.  I would love to combine teaching, video and maybe a little activism and advocacy in the future…and of course, teach overseas!

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