A Love Letter...

Dear Friend,

Have you ever fantasized about packing up and living your life abroad? A kind of permanent vacation?

Think that’s a nice dream but it could never happen?

Think again.

Teaching English is how you can do it.

I know you want to experience life beyond your daily routine now:
  • Traveling the world and have amazing experiences every day
  • Making a real, permanent difference in the lives of those you touch
  • Getting “unstuck” from a job you’ve outgrown and deciding to try something new
  • Spending time in a place you’ve always wanted to explore
Believe me, I know the feeling. You’re thinking:

It’s time to do something different with my life. I’m not really sure how I want my life to look a year from now, but I know I want more adventure, more travel, more challenge, and more fun. I want to connect with fascinating people, and I know it’s time to do something that feels satisfying at the end of the day.

You can have this life.  You can make it happen.
I did, and it made all the difference in the world.  Literally.

When I graduated from college, I knew I wanted to travel, to explore, and to actually make a contribution in this world, but I had no idea how to make that happen. My previous travel had left me with a wanderlust to see and do more, and not just on a 2-week vacation from my corporate job.

But life doesn’t offer “study abroad” semesters, and I had student loans to pay back.

I was taught that smart, educated people settle down. Get a job.  Buy a house. Start saving for retirement. Apparently something was wrong with me. I had other ideas, and I didn’t see how I could live my dream and be a responsible adult at the same time.

After a lot of trial and error, I discovered that teaching English was the door that opened a whole world of multicultural teaching adventures. It connected me with travel, job security, and the connection with like-minded people that I wanted to meet and learn from.

I realized I could earn enough money to pay those student loans AND start saving.

I was rewarded every single day with evidence of the difference I was making in people’s lives.

And it was the most perfect resume builder I could imagine…I learned confidence, new skills, a profession, and had evidence that I was the independent, flexible, problem-solving, well-traveled, organized…even bilingual!… person I wanted to be.

My personal metamorphosis was so profound that I realized I needed to share this discovery I had make with other people who dream of getting more out of life.

Training English speakers to be English teachers and watching as people like you get hired at teaching jobs around the world has been the most rewarding part of my past 10 years of teaching and training. That’s why I’m excited to offer the English for Life TESOL Certificate course. It’s my chance to work one-on-one with you as you develop the skills and resources you need to teach English, at home or abroad.

That’s how my dream became my life’s work.


Act now on what you dream about…because whole world is waiting for you.


Cheering you forward,

Kim Carroll

Director, English for Life Academy

We’re waiting for you.

The whole world is waiting for you.

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