Bright Ideas for the Classroom: It’s turkey time!

Rebecca Carter is the founder and owner of Mayberry Designs, and creator of Let’s Learn English! and Draw that Verb! multilevel English games. In her multilevel classroom, she always needs activities that are adaptable to the needs of her adult students. Check out her annual November activity, designed to get her students familiar with Thanksgiving and writing about gratefulness.


Thanksgiving Turkeys…. ESL Students of all ages love this dynamic, creative writing activity. Students trace their foot on a brown paper bag and cut it out. (The heel is the turkey’s head) Next, they cut out feathers from colored paper and then decorate the turkey however they want. On each feather students write one thing they are thankful for. This is a great multi-level activity because beginning level students can write single words and advanced level students can write elaborate sentences.

Check out Rebecca’s great games at Let’s Learn English! We at English for Life LOVE them!


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