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World peace. No biggie.

Our Passion

Imagine a world in which people value diversity because they’ve lived it.  Where we actually know how to communicate with people different from ourselves.

Imagine a world where global issues are worked out through respectful dialogue and not with defensive shouts across a great divide. A world where we can hear and respect the different beliefs and ideas of another, without judgment and name-calling, and work toward sustainable solutions that benefit everyone involved.

Imagine leaders and common citizens who value a variety of perspectives and are connected and engaged on a daily basis with a worldwide community. People who, from interactions with others different from themselves, have taken time to reflect on their own beliefs and actions, and are able to entertain the notion that there are many right ways. And that we’re in this together.

This is the world we want to live in. Frankly, this is the world we need if we are going to be able to address the global issues confronting us  and our children. And this is why we founded English for Life Academy.

We Are.

At English for Life Academy, our goal is to promote and create a world where diversity and communication are valued. We are professionals, teachers, and global citizens. Collectively, we have lived all over the world and speak many different languages.  

We love working with language teachers and learners, and we love teaching.  Every day we teach people of all walks of life from around the planet. We have different specializations in English language teaching, but we all have one thing in common: we have each experienced first-hand the personal transformation that occurs when immersed in another culture, in learning to communicate in a new language, or in that transformative moment of understanding that even though we are all different, we are also very much the same.

We Believe.

We see language and cultural exchange as a tool to create global citizens by facilitating interpersonal understanding and promoting teamwork. Research shows that bilingual people have increased brain capacity, higher levels of creativity, increased reasoning and visual-spatial skills, memory advantages and higher levels of abstract thinking, and faster decision making skills.  These are all essential characteristics of strong team players and future leaders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide expert training, practical experience, professional resources, and personal mentoring to teach, travel, and transform the world through innovative and personalized TESOL Certificate courses and language and cultural training experiences.

Our Philosophy

At English for Life Academy, we believe that teaching and learning about language and culture can be an exciting, enriching experience.  It can change your life, and the lives of those around you.

Whether you are interested in teaching English abroad, working with internationals, or providing high-quality language and cultural training for your company or organization, English For Life Academy can provide you with the training, practical experience, professional resources, and personal mentoring to meet your goals. We are here because the whole world is waiting for you.

Our Goal

To create the highest quality language and culture learning experiences to clients around the world.  To raise the bar in English language teaching and adult education through innovative language and teacher training programs that cultivate creative, knowledgeable, reflective teachers and learners.

Our History

English for Life Academy opened its doors in 1999, offering ESL and Spanish instruction. Over the years English for LIfe has offered:

  • English and Spanish instruction for over 300 individuals, companies, and organizations
  • Faculty workshops and program development for universities
  • Individualized training programs for companies and organizations
  • Coaching and Mastermind programs for expats and entrepreneurs
  • Our unique TESOL certificate program

Our TESOL program...where did it begin?

Beginning in January 2004, EFL began offering 150-hour TESOL Certification courses (which we later condensed to 130 hours) to certify people to become ESL/EFL teachers in the U.S. and abroad. EFL now has over 10 contracted teachers recruited internationally, and more than 250 graduates teaching on 6 continents.

In 2005, EFL teamed up with the College of Charleston to offer graduate credits for completion for the certification course, making it unique in the country for being a short, privately-offered course that offers university Graduate credit.

In 2008, EFL began a partnership with Greenville Technical College Department of Continuing Education, making EFL’s TESOL Certification course available through the college and offering 100 CEU’s for completion of the course.

In 2011, English for Life Academy ran its first overseas intensive in Quito, Ecuador.

In 2015, EFL offered its first hybrid TESOL course (part online, part face-to-face), making the program more accessible to more people.

In 2017, EFL created its first ever online program, How to Teach English Online, to serve the growing market for online English teachers.

What’s next? Stay tuned in as we grow to help you to teach, travel, and transform your world.

Teach English abroad.  Learn a language. Work with internationals.

Become a global citizen, even if you’re not leaving home.

We’re waiting for you.

The whole world is waiting for you.

Ready to get started but not sure how?

We created the Teach Abroad Starter Kit just for you. Learn about the process and complete the tasks in the Starter Kit, and you’ll be on your way to teaching abroad in no time.

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