In my Neighborhood, Asuncion, Paraguay

I started a new blog post Friday — LAST Friday — and then it got all long and academic.

So to spare you my musings on intercultural intensity factors, at least until I make it more palatable, here’s a walk around my neighborhood instead.

sign of Centro Cultural Paraguyo Americano
First, welcome to my office!

I actually work at the teacher training branch of the CCPA (Instituto de Formacion Docente Paraguayo Americano), but this is the sign that greets me every day. The CCPA is a huge institute, with branches around the country and 23,000 students learning English.

As anyone here will tell you, I live in the chuchi part of town — that’s Guarani for “swanky.” I live here because it’s a block from my office, but it’s also super convenient: I can walk to the grocery store, the gym, about 100 restaurants, and even a mall or two. Heck, I can even walk to the Beef Boutique if I get inspired!

However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a good variety of life here.

Finally, I’ll leave you with some views from my windows.

So that’s my neighborhood! More pictures to come, I’m sure.

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