Top 3 reasons you MUST keep your passport up-to-date (2 of 3)

ID-100182348Top 3 reasons you MUST keep your passport up-to-date        Part 2

There is nothing like packing a suitcase that makes me wonder why I even bother.

Traveling is really a headache. But then, there are so many reasons to pack it up and go. My second top reason to succumb to the travel bug is:

2. The challenge.

Whether you are going for a long weekend or shipping off for a year, travel means you are accepting the challenge to live uprooted, become a master of improvisation, and rely on the kindness of strangers—all things that can be a bit uncomfortable.

Can you figure out how to get comfortable in your own skin when you don’t understand the language, don’t know the rules of behavior, and can’t find anything to eat that you recognize as food? Challenge accepted.

Are you willing to get creative with the few things in your suitcase when you are used to a houseful of gadgets and a closet full of clothes? Check: one of my favorite things.

Need to figure out how to look elegant for that unexpected event when all you packed are hiking boots? MacGyver your way through no running water? Be open to asking for help when you can’t figure out why the bus has passed you by for the 4th time? Sign me up.

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What challenges have you faced during your adventures that have ultimately made you a stronger or more inventive person at home? What advice do you have for other travelers ready for the challenge?

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