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Why do I need TESOL Certification?

Do you wonder if a TESOL Certificate is really that necessary before stepping into the classroom? English teacher Jake answers your question here.


Everyone is a Teacher

We are not teaching our students to speak. We are teaching them to communicate. We are teaching them not only to hear, but to listen. We are teaching them life skills, not just for university acceptance, or a career, or any other temporary thing. We are teaching them how to have a full and successful life, which is far more valuable than any job or retirement package. Read this now, and see what teaching is really about.


Where in the world:
Meet EFL Graduate Emily Pressley

Do you wonder where a TESOL Certificate can take you? Check in with Emily about her adventures in Mexico!


Where in the world:
Meet EFL Graduate Mike Reser

Want to teach English in the comfort of your own backyard? See what career Mike has made of his TESOL Certificate.


Where in the world:
Meet EFL Graduate Katie Kastner

Katie speaks English and Arabic, and grew up in several different countries. See where she decided to go with her TESOL Certificate.


Where in the world:
Meet EFL Graduate Jayson Gilbert

Some people think they’ll teach English for a year, before settling down and getting a “real job.” Check in with Jayson  to see how that idea worked out for him.


Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Ken Robinson, a great thinker on education and creativity, proposes an educational system that fosters rather than undermines creativity. Take 20 minutes and enjoy this entertaining and moving talk.


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