Everyone is a Teacher (1 of 5)

We are teachers. Most every day we meet with our students and we give them some piece of the puzzle. The puzzle, of course, is their education. Their future. Their life. This is serious business. We are not simply passing along a set of grammar rules, or vocabulary words, or verb conjugations. We are not…

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Reality Check

Our students come to us with a preconceived notion about life. For them, reality revolves around what they have done, seen, spoken, and experienced up until the point that they meet you and I. When there is a clear and direct path between English and our student’s native language, it’s somewhat simple to teach them.…

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First Things First

by Jake Hollingsworth // Seoul, South Korea // www.JakeHollingsworth.net The old saying goes, “You have one chance to make a first impression.” Generally these words of wisdom are applied to job interviews and introductions to a new girlfriend’s parents. But this idea is also relevant in our classrooms. As an ESL instructor, we will teach many…

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