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One of the difficult things about travel is connection, being far away from all that is familiar and loved. So you might wonder why the third thing I love about travel is:

3. Connection

In our normal routine, we sometimes forget strangers exist.

Being a competent and pretty independent person, I can go about my day with no help at all: shopping, filling the gas tank, and running errand require no interaction whatsoever, and I want to finish those things quickly to get on with my day. Even ordering in a restaurant, taking a cab, and getting my hair cut only require basic, routine conversation.

However when I’m living in another place, these ARE the things that make up my day, and I probably don’t know exactly how to do them without careful observation, and likely some help.

Connecting with other people, even over mundane tasks, is one of the highlights of being in a new place for me.

Sometimes it’s because I have to rely on the kindness of strangers. In my everyday life, I rarely have to say:

• I don’t know the word for this-thing-that-I-need-to-buy, but can you help me figure it out if I explain it to you?
• What is this on the menu?
• Do you know how I can get to _____ ?
• What recommendations do you have for __ ?
• Why is everyone _____ (off tomorrow, wearing green, etc)?
• How do you say ___?

It can be a bit daunting at first to feel so helpless, but being in the unique position of “outsider” allows a little more flexibility in communication and expectations. The ability to connect with people while traveling has opened up completely new worlds to me, and given me insight to perspectives I never would have imagined, not to mention left me with amazing memories and lifelong friends.

I do enjoy seeing new places on the Earth, but it’s the people that always cement my connection to a new place.

What insights, invitations, or friendships have opened up for you because of connecting with strangers when you travel?


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Until then, what about travel inspires YOU? Let us know below this post.

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